How to Print Google Maps Satellite Images

By Robert C. Young

Google Maps allows you to view a map of anyplace in the world. The maps are available in two formats: map, which is a traditional road map, and satellite, which is an actual photograph taken from a satellite orbiting Earth. Printing a satellite image is no different from printing any other document, and, if you have a color printer, it prints in realistic color: blue for oceans and other large bodies of water and green or brown for land.

Step 1

Go to the Google Maps website:

Step 2

Type an address, location name or coordinates in the search box. Click "Search Maps" to reach the desired map.

Step 3

Click "Satellite" in the upper-left corner of your map. Click "Print" next to the printer icon located just above the upper-left corner of your map.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check "Google Permissions" to make sure your intended use of the printed map is legal.