How to Print Grid Lines

By Tamika Gardner

Printing grid lines for a spreadsheet or table is helpful when you have a lot of information to analyze. Grid lines are also important to maintain accuracy in data entry and calculations while keeping the information organized and presented in a professional way. Microsoft Word and Excel are two commonly used programs for making tables, spreadsheets, and charts. This article will discuss how to make grid lines using any version of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Paper

Printing Grid Lines in Microsoft Excel

Step 1

Click on the "File" menu from the top bar and select "Page Setup." In newer versions of Microsoft Excel, you may find the "Page Setup" option under the "Page Layout" tab.

Step 2

Select the "Sheet" tab and check the "Gridlines" box under the "Print" section of the dialog box. You may also choose to select the "Row and column headings" box if you want to print the headings for your document. This will make it easier to read the data in your spreadsheet.

Step 3

Click "Print" to print your document immediately. If you are not ready to print your document, click "OK" and the document will print the grid lines when you are ready to print.

Printing Grid Lines in Microsoft Word

Step 1

Select the table by right-clicking it. Select "Borders and Shading" from the shortcut menu and click "OK." You can also select "Borders and Shading" from the "Table" option on the file menu bar located at the top of the document.

Step 2

Select the "Borders" tab and choose the borders you want to apply to your table. Select "Grid" under "Setting" on the left side of the dialog box. Make sure "Table" is selected under the "Apply to:" section so that grid lines will show and print for your table.

Step 3

Select "OK." You will now see grid lines in your table.

Step 4

Print your document by selecting "Print" from the "File" menu. Your document should now print with grid lines.