How to Print in White Ink

By Erwin McIntosh

You can change the color of the font in a word processing program to print in white ink. At the top of your document, options are available to alter your font. Font is the lettering used in your document. Change the font to white and then print on colored paper. Ensure that you have a printer that supports white ink. If changing the color of your font doesn't work, then just replace the black ink cartridge with the white ink cartridge and print normally. According to, "Black text would actually print out as white, since you effectively replaced the black ink in the printer with the white ink cartridge."

Things You'll Need

  • Colored paper
  • White ink cartridge

Changing Your Font to Print in White Ink

Step 1

Click the down arrow on the "A" button at the top of the page of your document. This button is red and toward the left side of the option table at the top of the page.

Step 2

Choose the white square when the colors drop down. If you have a white page, whatever you have written will disappear.

Step 3

Put colored ink paper in the feed of the printer.

Step 4

Click "File" at the top left of your page.

Step 5

Click "Print." You will then get a print preview page. Select how many pages and how you want the page to look.

Step 6

Print the document.

Changing Your Printer to Print in White Ink

Step 1

Take the black ink cartridge out of the printer.

Step 2

Place the white ink cartridge in the slot where the black ink cartridge was.

Step 3

Print normally without changing the color of the font. The letters stay black on the screen, but print out as white letters.

Tips & Warnings

  • Before printing, ensure that your printer has enough white ink.
  • Either of these options work to help you print in white ink. However, you do need a special printer to print using white ink.

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