How to Print Messages From a Cell Phone

By Elizabeth Chaplin

Cell phone text messaging is a great way to send short reminders and comments to friends or family. Text messages can also be printed from a cell phone in order to retain a hard copy of reminders or funny messages from friends. If the user knows how to send a text message, they will easily be able to follow the steps to print the messages. Not only will the user be able to print text messages in hard copy form, they will also have a digital copy of the message in email form.

Step 1

Go to the "Contacts" on the cell phone and create a new contact. In the contact information, insert your name and email address. Save and exit.

Step 2

Find the message that is to be printed. Select the "Forward" option.

Step 3

Make yourself the recipient of the forwarded text message. Do this by selecting your name created in Step 1 from the Contacts list.

Step 4

Send the text message. The text message will appear in your email inbox. Select the "Print" option either in the Web browser or through the email service. The message will print from the computer, creating a hard copy of the text message.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some cell phones can be connected to printers using a Bluetooth device. The mobile phone must support a printer, and the printer must also have Bluetooth. Search for Bluetooth devices with the cell phone, then choose the printer. Print text messages directly from the phone.