How to Print off a Text Message From a Phone

By Nicholas Smith

Text messaging is a great way to send short, to-the-point messages to others. You can receive driving directions, the password to a computer or other data you may wish to print. In order to print text messages, you will need to create a contact in your phone containing your email address, forward to the text and print the file from your email client.

Step 1

Create a new contact on your phone. For example, on the T-Mobile Dash, click "Contacts," "New" and "Outlook Contact." Enter your own name and an email address.

Step 2

Forward the text message to the new contact. Open the text message by clicking "Start," "Messaging" and "Text/Multimedia." Highlight the message, select "Menu," click "Reply" and then "Forward."

Step 3

Highlight the contact by clicking "Menu" and "Add Recipient." Click on the new contact and press "Send."

Step 4

Check the email account associated with the address entered in the new contact. Click "File" and "Print" to print the text message.