How to Print on 4 X 6 Index Cards

By Lanae Carr

Index cards are a great place to store notes for presentations and speeches. Index cards can help you quickly retrieve information as you speak as long as your index cards are well organized and legible. If you are accustomed to writing hurriedly to prevent yourself from losing an important thought, you might consider typing your notes onto your index cards rather than writing them. Type your notes first into a word processor, then print them directly onto a set of 4x6” index cards.

Things You'll Need

  • Inkjet printer
  • Index cards
  • Word processor

Step 1

Open your word processor. Start a New document from a template. From the template dialog box, search 4x6 index card. A list of card layouts for 4x6” index cards will appear.

Step 2

Select a card layout . Erase any unnecessary graphics and text that come with the template.

Step 3

Type your notes into the template. When you are finished, click “File” then “Print.”

Step 4

Click “Properties” in the print dialog box. Change the paper size to 4x6” and select “Main Tray” for the paper location.

Step 5

Insert your index card into a printer. Use the adjustable tray to decrease the paper feed to 4.” This should be the smallest setting for your feed tray. Click “Print” on your computer.