How to Print PDF Booklets

By Amy Dombrower

A PDF booklet is a multipage document that is printed in a particular way. You can print two pages on one sheet and on both sides, so when you fold each double-sided page, it forms a booklet. Adobe Acrobat, the primary software used for creating and managing PDF documents, provides the tools to set up booklet printing. You must have a printer that can perform either automatic duplex printing or manual duplex printing. A four-page booklet prints the first and last pages on the same side of one sheet of paper, then the second and third pages on the other side of the sheet. When you put the booklet together, all the pages will be in the correct order.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Acrobat

Step 1

Open a multipage document in Adobe Acrobat that you want to print as a booklet.

Step 2

Select the "File" menu. Click "Print." Make sure your printer is filled with paper and connected to the computer.

Step 3

Select your printer in the "Print" dialog box.

Step 4

Select "Booklet Printing" under "Page Scaling" in the "Page Handling" section.

Step 5

Select which pages you want to print in the "Print Range" section. Click "All" to print the entire booklet.

Step 6

Specify the "Booklet Subset" options. Click "Both Sides" if your printer supports duplex printing. Otherwise, click "Front Side Only." After clicking "Print," all the pages on the front side of the paper will print.

Step 7

Specify other options, such as choosing to auto-rotate the pages for the best fit as well as the orientation for the booklet binding. Select "Left" for standard left-to-right reading. Choose "Left (Tall)" to have a long and narrow print area.

Step 8

Click "Print."

Step 9

Turn the papers over and feed them back into the printer if you chose "Front Side Only." Click "File, Print" again and select "Back Side Only" to print the other side.

Step 10

Put your pages in order and fold them to complete the booklet.