How to Print Poster Size With Microsoft Office

By Peter Franczyk

Poster are popular ways to present information to audiences. According to the journal of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, one of the primary benefits of posters is the opportunity for extended personal dialogue between the poster presenter and your interested colleagues. In order to take advantage of this presentation method, you need to be able to print in poster size. The popular software suite, Microsoft Office, provides the necessary tools to print poster size without the need for an expensive plotting printer.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

Step 1

Determine what size you want your poster to be in inches by width and height. If you are printing a poster for an event, check the event guidelines for recommended poster size. If you are printing a poster for personal use, take the measurements from another poster you have by using the a tape measure.

Step 2

Open a new Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation and paste in what you want to print in poster size onto a single slide. PowerPoint is the starting point because it allows for printing poster size since you can adjust page setups of up to 56 inches for both height and width, and even larger when using scaling, according to a University of Washington guide on printing posters.

Step 3

Access the "Page Setup" option in your PowerPoint slide by navigating to the "Design" tab in Office 2007 or the under the "File" drop-down menu in Office 2003. The "Page Setup" pop-up window will be displayed.

Step 4

Click on the drop-down menu under "Slides sized for:" and select "Custom." Enter your desired width and height in inches under the width and height fields, and click the "OK" button. "Page Setup" will automatically choose either landscape or portrait, depending on the dimensions you enter for the orientation of the slide.

Step 5

Save your PowerPoint presentation in the JPEG picture format by using the "Save As" option and selecting "JPEG" in the drop-down menu. Since PowerPoint will not print multiple pages to create your poster size on a small printer, you have to export a copy of the poster to an Office program that will: Excel.

Step 6

Open a new Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet and insert the saved picture of your PowerPoint slide using the "Insert image" command under the "Insert tab" in Office 2007, or under the "Insert" drop-down menu in Office 2003.

Step 7

Print your the Excel document in which you inserted the image of your PowerPoint presentation. Depending on the size you set for your custom slide, any number of pages will print to meet the size you specified.

Tips & Warnings

  • This method of printing posters will use a lot of ink if you choose to use a background color.