How to Print Small Pictures

By Stacy D. Cooper

Whether you need a passport photo or are looking for a new way to decorate a small gift box, printing small pictures at home is simple and no different from printing an average size photo. Printing your own photos gives you control of the images used and, in the case of passports, can save a few dollars. You can print the small photos in minutes, which means you can spend the majority of your time locating the perfect picture.

Step 1

Load your printer with photo paper.

Step 2

Select the pictures you would like to print. Use close-up shots when printing small photos for a clear image. For passports, the image must show the top of your head to your chin and open eyes. You must also use a plain-white or off-white background.

Step 3

Click on the photo file you plan to print. Depending on your computer setup, you may need to double-click the photo. You will be redirected to another window. At the top of the window you will see either a picture of a printer or the word "Print." Click it.

Step 4

Choose the size picture you want to print. For example, Windows Photo Gallery offers users the option of printing four 3.5 by 5, nine wallets or 35 photos on a contact sheet per printed page. Click on the size that matches your need. U.S. passport photos must be 2 by 2.

Step 5

Choose the quality you want the printed picture to be, the type of paper you are printing on and the size of the photo paper you are using.

Step 6

Click "Print."