How to Print Wirelessly From an iPhone

By Whitney Coy

Your iPhone can print wirelessly from any printer with Wi-Fi capabilities. This convenient feature, called "AirPrint," works with any iPhone using iOS 4.2 or later. There is no need to set up this program on either your iPhone or the printer as it is enabled by default. For the feature to work, both devices must be connected to the same wireless network. iPhone apps that work with AirPrint include Mail, Safari, Photos and iBooks. Several other apps, which are available for download from the iTunes app store, also work with AirPrint.

Step 1

Open the document or photo you want to print on your iPhone.

Step 2

Tap the arrow on the bottom of the iPhone screen. Depending on the application you are using, the arrow may point to the left or the right.

Step 3

Tap "Print" from the list of available options.

Step 4

Tap "Select Printer" to choose a printer. Tap the name of the Wi-Fi-enabled printer you want to use.

Step 5

Choose your print options. These will vary from one app to the next but may include front and back printing, color or specifying the number of copies to be printed.

Step 6

Tap "Print" to wirelessly send the document to the printer, which in turn will print the document or photo.