How to Program a Cablevision Remote to a TV

By Jason Taetsch

With the Cablevision remote, you can control all the necessary components of your home entertainment system on one remote. This eleiminates the need to fumble around with a different remote for each piece of equipment. Program your remote to your TV using a three-digit code programming method. Once programmed, you can manage volume, channel and other settings directly from the Cablevision remote.

Things You'll Need

  • Cablevision programming remote

Step 1

Look in the TV Code Tables section of your Instructions booklet. Write down the possible codes for your brand of TV.

Step 2

Turn on the TV that you want to program to the remote.

Step 3

Press down the "TV" and the "SEL" button on the remote until the" iO" button lights up.

Step 4

Point the remote at the TV and enter in the first three-digit code on the number pad. If the programming was successful, the TV will turn off. Press the "TV" button to store the code and save the code. Repeat with the other codes associated with your brand of TV if the TV does not turn off once the first code is entered.

Tips & Warnings

  • The "iO" button will remain lit for 20 seconds. The code must be entered and saved while the "iO" button is lit.