How to Program a Cox Remote to a TV

By Si Kingston

Remove the need for multiple remote controls to power all of your entertainment center devices by using the Cox Universal remote control. The Cox Universal remote control can control more than just a Cox cable box. The remote control can be programmed to control other devices such as the television, a DVD player, VCR and a stereo amplifier. To program the remote, the remote should have an adequate charge provided by two AA batteries. If the batteries are low, the remote may fail to program properly.

Step 1

Power on the device, such as the TV or DVD player, that you want to control with the Cox remote. Power on the Cox cable box. If programming a DVD with the remote or other device that plays media, insert a DVD or other media into the device.

Step 2

Press a device key once on the remote. The device keys are AUX, TV, DVD and CABLE. If you are programming a TV, press the TV device key.

Step 3

Hold the "Setup" key until the selected device key blinks twice. Then release the Setup key.

Step 4

Enter the first four-digit code for the device. You can look up manufacturer's codes on page 11 of the Cox Universal Remote Manual (see Reference). Some manufacturer's have one code, other manufacturers like Samsung have multiple codes (e.g., 0060, 0030, 0178, 0019, 0056 or 0032). If there are multiple codes listed, enter each one until you've entered the correct one. If the code is entered correctly, the selected device key should blink twice. If there is one long blink, the code is invalid or was entered incorrectly.

Step 5

Point the remote control toward the device and hit the "Power" button. The device should turn off. Repeat the steps to program each device.