How to Program a Cricket Wireless Phone

By Amy McClain

Cricket Wireless offers nationwide wireless service without the worry of contracts or credit checks. Plans are cost effective and can be customized to suit your needs. Cricket's prepaid devices operate on their CDMA network. With devices ranging from basic to advanced, Cricket Wireless has a relatively comprehensive lineup of mobile phones. Once you've chosen the right phone and plan, you're just a few steps away from making calls. Your phone will need to be activated with your number before it's ready for use.

Things You'll Need

  • Cricket Wireless phone
  • Phone other than Cricket phone, capable of calling toll free number
  • Pen
  • Paper

Obtain Programming Information

Step 1

Use your second phone to dial 1-800-CRICKET. A Cricket customer service representative will request a valid driver's license number or Social Security number to verify your account.

Step 2

Inform the representative that you are calling to activate your phone. Have your pen and paper handy.

Step 3

Write down the information provided to you by the customer service representative. You will need your new Cricket mobile directory number (MDN), which is your 10-digit phone number; your 10-digit mobile identification number (MIN)GOand your one- to five-digit CDMA system ID number.

Over-The-Air Programming

Step 1

Ensure your phone is fully charged and in an area with sufficient network coverage. Press the red \"End/Power\" key to turn the device on.

Step 2

Use your phone's keypad to dial *228, then press the \"Send\" key. Wait for the call to connect.

Step 3

Listen to and follow the automated prompts to complete activation. If you are unable to complete the over-the-air activation, proceed to the \"Manual Programming\" section.

Manual Programming

Step 1

Power your Cricket Wireless phone by pressing the red \"End/Power\" button. Using your phone's keypad, type in \"#626*\" (#NAM*) . A screen will display, prompting you to enter the subsidy code.

Step 2

Enter \"333333\" using your phone's keypad. Press \"OK\" to select the \"MDN\" field.

Step 3

Enter in the 10-digit mobile directory number (your phone number) using your phone's keypad. Press \"OK\" to save.

Step 4

Scroll down to the \"MIN\" field using your phone's navigation pad. Press \"OK\" to select it.

Step 5

Enter in your 10-digit MIN (mobile identification number) using your phone's keypad. Press \"OK\" to save.

Step 6

Scroll to the field that says \"CDMA System ID\" using your phone's navigation pad. Press \"OK\" to select it. Enter in your CDMA system ID and press \"OK\" to save. Press the red \"End/Power\" button to exit. Your phone is programmed and will now reset.

Tips & Warnings

  • Over-the-air programming is recommended unless you are in an area where you are unable to receive network coverage.