How to Program a Genie 3 Button Remote Control

By Darrin Meyer

While a remote control comes standard with the Genie automatic door openers, the company also produces other remotes, including a three-button model, which allows the user to program it to up to three different door openers and is compact enough to attach to your key ring.

Step 1

Locate the "Learn Code" button and radio-signal LED indicator on your Genie automatic door opener. The button is normally found under the light cover at the rear of the unit.

Step 2

Press and release the "Learn Code" button. The indicator light begins blinking twice per second.

Step 3

Stand within range of the door opener (150 feet or less) and press the button on the remote control you wish to use with that unit, within 30 seconds of pressing the "Learn Code" button. The indicator light glows without blinking.

Step 4

Press the same button again, also within 30 seconds. The indicator light goes out; press the button once more to see whether the door responds and repeat the process if it does not.

Tips & Warnings

  • Genie door openers can store up to seven different access codes. If you wish to erase these stored codes, because of a lost remote or other reasons, press and hold the "Learn Code" button for 10 seconds or until the indicator light goes out. All codes will be erased, and you can begin the programming process again.