How to Program a Sylvania to a DirecTV Remote

By Joshua Phillips

Programming a new television for your remote control can either be a hassle or a simple process. Luckily, with DirecTV, it is the latter. In just a few minutes, you could enjoy your new Sylvania brand television using your DirecTV remote.

Things You'll Need

  • DirecTV remote
  • Sylvania brand television
  • List of DirecTV control codes

Step 1

Identify your DirecTV remote. Consult your DirecTV user's manual or DirecTV support for assistance.

Step 2

Retrieve the list of DirecTV control codes once you have identified the model of your remote and keep them nearby.

Step 3

Turn your Sylvania television on. Slide the switch at the top of your DirecTV remote to the "TV" setting.

Step 4

Aim the DirecTV remote at the television. Hold down the "Mute" button. Continue to press down the button while you also press and hold down the "Select" button. If successful, the green LED light at the top of your remote should blink twice.

Step 5

Enter your first control code for your Sylvania television using the numeric keys on your DirecTV remote. After entering the control code, the green light on your remote should flash twice. Aim the remote at your television and press the power button. If the code was successful, the television should turn off. If the code was not successful, repeat the previous steps with a new control code.

Step 6

Slide the switch on your DirecTV remote back to the DirecTV setting once you have found the correct control code.

Tips & Warnings

  • If none of the control codes for your Sylvania television work, try codes for Philips and Magnavox brand televisions. All three brands are owned by the same company, share similar parts and some people have reported success with this method.