How to Program a Universal One-for-All Remote

By Greyson Ferguson

Rather than juggle several remote controls for your various home-entertainment devices, consider purchasing a universal remote and reprogramming your television and other audio/video equipment into the all-in-one device. The programming process is straightforward and simple.

Step 1

Look up your product code in the universal remote's provided programming guide.

Step 2

Power on the device you want to program manually.

Step 3

Push down and hold the "Code Search" button, then push the device button at the top of the remote that represents your electronic device (such as TV, DVD or cable).

Step 4

Type in the programming code for the device you looked up, then release the "Code Search" button.

Step 5

Push "Channel Up," and the television now changes stations. If you programmed a DVD player or other device that does not use channels, press "Power" to turn off the device and complete the programming.