How to Program an ATT Universal Remote

By Andrew Smith

An AT&T, also known as ATT, universal remote can replace the remote you use to control your television set, DVD player, cable box or other similar device. The user manual or the box that comes with the universal remote contains detailed instructions that can be used to program the ATT universal remote. If you have misplaced these instructions, however, you can still program the remote without much difficulty.

Step 1

Manually turn on the TV or other device you're going to program the ATT universal remote to.

Step 2

Point the ATT universal remote at the device.

Step 3

Press the "Mode" button for the device (such as the "TV" button) found on the universal remote. Hold the button until the other buttons on the remote blink twice. Then press the "Power" button.

Step 4

Begin pressing the "Cursor Up" button on the remote. Keep doing this until the device shuts off.

Step 5

Press the "OK" button on the universal remote to lock the appropriate code into the remote.