How to Program Barcode Scanners

By Raul Avenir

A barcode is a machine-generated symbol containing data. It facilitates the tracking and inventory of items in order to save on cost or to increase productivity and sales. Barcode scanners are used to upload data from the barcode to the computer. Most if not all barcode scanners are plug and play input devices that do not require programming. Simply locate the proper port and plug your barcode scanner into your computer in order to use it. Learn the proper way of connecting your barcode scanner to read barcodes.

Things You'll Need

  • Y-key duel-keyboard adapter

Step 1

Turn off power to your computer. Observe your barcode scanner and check the type of connector that is attached to the end of the barcode scanner cable. Most scanners have either a keyboard, USB or serial type connector.

Step 2

Look at the rear side of your computer and find the USB port, keyboard port and serial port. Connect the USB plug into the USB port at the back of your computer if the scanner cable terminates with a USB plug.

Step 3

Place a Y-key dual-keyboard adapter into the keyboard port of your computer if your scanner cable terminates with a keyboard connector. Plug the scanner's keyboard connector into one side of the Y-key dual keyboard adapter. Plug the connector of your keyboard into the other side of the adapter.

Step 4

Connect the serial connector into the serial port if your scanner cable has this type of a connector. Barcode scanners use the RS-232 cable because it allows more data control than a regular cable. Turn on your computer and use the barcode scanner in order to test the connection.