How to Program the Dish Remote

By Chris Waller

Dish Network brings television and movies into the homes of thousands of customers across the United States using a cable box and a small satellite dish. When service is set up with Dish Network, a technician will install the dish and the cable box, ensuring you can view the guide and record programming using the universal remote that comes with the service. The Dish Network remote can be programmed by the user to operate other electronic devices that are also connected to your home entertainment system. A few minutes of your time is all it takes to program the remote.

Step 1

Turn on the electronic equipment that you want to program into your Dish Network remote. Do this manually or with the original remote that came with the device. Keep all other devices off.

Step 2

Using the code tables located in the back of your Dish Network remote user's guide, find the programming codes for the brand of device you are programming. This should be found using the brand, such as Sanyo, and not the model. If you do not have a copy of the user's guide, you can find one on Dish Network's support website.

Step 3

Press down the corresponding mode button for the device you want to program located at the top of the Dish Network universal remote. Keep it held down until all the mode buttons light up. When you let go, the mode button you are programming should be flashing.

Step 4

Using the number pad in the middle of your universal remote, enter in the first code on the list for your brand of device, one number at a time with minimal time between each button. Press the "Pound" button (#) when finished. The mode you are programming should flash three times and go off.

Step 5

Push the "Power" button on your Dish Network universal remote. The device you have programmed should turn off. If so, turn it back on with the remote and use all of the buttons on the remote to make sure all the functions of the device can be controlled. If everything works, you are finished.

Step 6

If the device does not respond fully to the remote, repeat the process using a different code for your brand in Step 4. Keep going through the codes until you find one that works properly.