How to Program Your Comcast Remote Control

By Andrew Smith

Comcast remotes can be programmed to control a wide variety of entertainment electronic devices in your home. You must manually program your remote to work with different components since Comcast remotes are preprogrammed only to cable boxes. Using the "Code Search" method gives you the ability to program a Comcast remote without having to input numerous codes. This method saves you time and ensures the proper code is found and saved in the remote's memory.

Step 1

Turn on the TV or other device you'll be using with the Comcast remote control.

Step 2

Press the device key located on the remote's face that matches the device you turned on.

Step 3

Hold down the "Setup" key. The button you pressed in Step 2 blinks two times. Release "Setup" once the device button blinks.

Step 4

Type "9-9-1" using the Comcast remote's number pad.

Step 5

Point the very top of the remote at the device. Press "Power" on the remote one time. Press the device key (the same key as in Step 2) once. Alternate between the two remote keys repeatedly, and the remote sends out different codes. Continue doing this until the device powers down.

Step 6

Press "Setup" immediately after the device turns off. The device key on the remote blinks two times.

Step 7

Press "Power" on the remote and the device should turn on. Press other keys on the remote once the device turns on to ensure the remote is properly programmed. Repeat the process, starting at Step 2, to program the remote again if you were unsuccessful the first time.