How to Protect Excel Cells From Modification

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Protect cells if you want people to look at your work, but you don't want to risk their messing up your formulas. These steps work with Microsoft Excel 97.

Things You'll Need

  • Excel Book
  • Microsoft Excel

Step 1

Start Microsoft Excel and open the file you want to change.

Step 2

Drag mouse and highlight the cells you want to protect.

Step 3

Open the Format menu and select Cells.

Step 4

Select the Protection tab.

Step 5

Click the Locked option.

Step 6

Select OK to accept the changes.

Step 7

Open the Tools menu and select Protection, then select Protect Sheet.

Step 8

Click OK.

Tips & Warnings

  • Using a password is optional.
  • If you are tracking changes, you will need to protect your workbook and not your worksheet.