How to Publish an Access Database to the Web

By Ben Larsen

Microsoft Access is a database management program and is part of the Microsoft Office suite. Access stores user-inputted data in a number of ways, including web-ready formats. Microsoft Access databases saved as HTML are ready to be published to the Internet.

Select Desired Database

Step 1

Open Microsoft Access from the Start menu.

Step 2

Select "File" from the main Microsoft Access toolbar. Double-click the "Open" button.

Step 3

Select your desired database by double-clicking to open it.

Export Database

Step 1

Begin the export process once your desired database is open by selecting "Export" from under the "File" menu.

Step 2

Convert your desired database to an HTML file by re-saving. From the "File" menu, select "Save as Type" and select "HTML Documents."

Step 3

Select an HTML template, if desired. Microsoft Access offers pre-formatted templates that you can choose to add to your database.

Step 4

Save the Microsoft Access database to a specific location on your computer's hard drive. It is important to remember this location as you will need to access the file prior to uploading to the web.

Step 5

Upload the Microsoft Access database HTML to your web server, depending on your website's publishing preferences. Use the system's file uploader if your site uses a Content Management System or simply use FTP if available.