How to Pull Pictures Off Your Cell Phone

By Shelley Smith

Many cell phones come equipped with a user-friendly camera. Pictures you take on your cell phone remain there until you remove, or "pull," them from the phone. The jpeg images take up a lot of memory space, slowing the phone's functions.

Step 1

Access the picture gallery on your cell phone.

Step 2

Pull the pictures from your cell phone in one of two ways. First, many cell phones come with a USB port attachment that connects the cell phone to a computer. This allows pictures from your cell phone to be downloaded onto a computer hard drive or CD. Once you connect the USB port attachment, it automatically prompts you to download or copy the photos from the cell phone. Secondly, you can email your photos. Load the photos and click "options," then click "send" and input the email address where you want to send the photos. Once the photos are saved in a different location, they can be deleted from the phone to create more space.

Step 3

Print the photos to maintain a hard copy of your picture gallery.

Step 4

Delete the pictures after they are pulled from the cell phone. Once deleted, you can no longer retrieve them.

Tips & Warnings

  • See how many photos your cell phone can hold. Once you are approaching half that number, start pulling photos to keep your cell phone operating efficiently.