How to Put a Bar or Separators on a Website

By Michael Dance

There are a number of ways to place bars or separators on websites. One method that is built right into HTML code itself is quite easy as long as you're able to edit your site's HTML. With separators, it becomes very easy to organize your content clearly, which will improve readability for your website.

Things You'll Need

  • HTML or text editor


Step 1

Open the source code of the page you would like to edit. If you run your website through a user interface (on a Blogger or WordPress blog, for example), simply open the "Code" or "HTML" tab while editing a post.

Step 2

Insert "

" (without quotes) in the spot you would like a bar or divider.

Step 3

Save the page and check that the bar appeared.

Step 4

Make the "

" easily look any way you want by accessing your site's style sheets code that appears between "