How to Put a Cell Tower on Your Property

By Phil Hoops

Many cell phone companies pay property owners to put cell phone towers on their land. As an added benefit, those who live near the tower will see an improvement in their cell phone service due to their close proximity to the tower. There are some important guidelines that many cell phone companies follow when they select sites for the building of new cell towers, which you must adhere to if you are interested in having a tower built on your land.

Things You'll Need

  • Land that is zoned to have large infrastructure built on it

Step 1

Check to see if there is a cell tower within a one-mile radius of the piece of property that you wish to lease to the cell phone company. If one already exists, then it is unlikely you will be approved. Plan to make your site accessible at all times. Cell phone companies need to make repairs around the clock, especially in poor weather conditions, so it is important that they can easily get to the tower.

Step 2

Ensure that your property fits the requirements of the carrier. These requirements vary by carrier (see Reference). Generally, within a one-mile radius, no building can be taller than 30 feet above the location of your site.

Step 3

Contact the cellular company either by phone or on the Internet if you feel that your property fits the necessary criteria for building a cell tower. If they are interested, they will send a representative out to survey the area and, if satisfied, will begin building the tower.

Tips & Warnings

  • Being selected for a cell tower location is unlikely, as less than five percent of those who apply are selected.