How to Put a Copyright Symbol on a Word Document

By Gabriele Sturmer

Microsoft Word includes a built-in gallery of symbols that you can place in documents. Some of these items include currency signs, subscripts, superscripts, math symbols and special punctuation marks. If you're creating a document in which you need to specify that the work is your own property, you can insert a copyright symbol after a specific word or sentence.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word and open the document in which you need to place a copyright symbol. Place your cursor at the end of the word or phrase that needs the copyright symbol.

Step 2

Click the "Insert" tab on the Word ribbon, and then click "Symbol" in the "Symbol" group on the ribbon's far right.

Step 3

Click the copyright symbol on the first row of the drop-down box that appears to insert the symbol in your document. If you do not see the symbol, click "More Symbols" and select the copyright symbol, which is the fourth symbol on the first row under "Recently Used Symbols." Click "Insert" to insert the symbol.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also insert a copyright symbol in any document by using a special key combination. Hold down the "ALT" key while you type "0169", and then release the "ALT" key after you type the numeric code.