How to Put a Different SIM Card in an Unactivated TracFone

By Mary Jane

If you have a TracFone that has not been activated but you want to use it, there are a few steps you need to do to protect yourself. You can easily insert a new SIM card from the service provider of your choice into the TracFone, but it will not work on a service network, as it has not been activated. To use your TracFone, you need to active the SIM card and lock it to a service provider's network. This can usually be done from your home computer.

Step 1

Insert the SIM card into your TracFone. The SIM card usually goes in behind the battery of the phone in a small SIM card compartment. Since the device is already deactivated, you will not need the unlocking code to activate the device.

Step 2

Write down the phone's IMEI code, which is on a sticker near the SIM card compartment behind the battery. The number is an identification number, which consists of a combination of letters and numbers.

Step 3

Complete a background check on the phone if you are unsure where it came from. If you did not purchase the phone yourself, check the phone to see if it has been stolen. Contact your new service provider and provide the clerk with the IMEI number. If the number is cleared, you can activate the SIM card and phone.

Step 4

Visit your service provider's website and locate the cell phone section that deals with activation. This is often highlighted or made quite visible on the website for new customers.

Step 5

Enter your personal information, including your phone's model, type and IMEI number, to register your TracFone. During registration and activation, you are asked to select your monthly plan and browsing plan for your TracFone.

Step 6

Choose the pre-paid option if you would like this option as well on your new SIM card. The TracFone is originally a pre-paid device. Click "Finish" when you are done selecting your preferences.

Step 7

Wait approximately an hour for your device to be activated on the new SIM card. You can then use your TracFone with the new SIM card.