How to Put a File Location at the Bottom of a Page in Word 2007

By Erika Dean

If you want to insert the file location at the bottom of a page in Word 2007, you can do so by using Quick Parts. Quick Parts is a tool in Word that allows you to insert different fields in your documents, such as the time and file location. This is useful if you emailed a document to someone and you want him to be able to find the location of the document on a shared drive.

Step 1

Click at the bottom of your Word document and click "Insert" from the menu.

Step 2

Look to the "Text" section of the ribbon and click "Quick Parts." You can insert a field here, such as a text field for the file location of your document.

Step 3

Select "Field" from the drop-down list, and the "Field" dialog box will open.

Step 4

Look to the "Field names" list and click "FileName."

Step 5

Check the box next to the text formatting you want to use for the file location. For example, you can use uppercase or you can leave the file name lowercase.

Step 6

Check the box next to "Add path to filename" and click "OK." The file location will appear in your document.

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