How to Put a Hyperlink in Microsoft PowerPoint

By Techwalla Computers Editor

You can enhance your PowerPoint presentations by placing hyperlinks in the presentations that take your readers to specific websites you'd like them to see. It's not difficult to do--you just need to follow some specific steps for inserting the hypertext links in your presentations.

Step 1

Create a PowerPoint presentation. Whether you use a predetermined template or create a presentation from scratch, place the hypertext links during the creation process.

Step 2

Determine what you want to link to. Make sure you know the proper web address that you want your hypertext link to go to. Test it out before you insert it in your presentation. Missing one letter from a web address can be the difference between a flawless presentation and embarrassment.

Step 3

Select the image or text you want hyperlinked. It's just as easy to hyperlink an image as it is text.

Step 4

Select "Hyperlink" from the Insert menu in PowerPoint. It will bring up the "Insert Hyperlink" pop-up window. Go to the text box entitled, "Type the file or web page name," and type in the web address you want to hyperlink to. You can also select recently visited web addresses in the "Or select from list" section of the pop-up window.

Step 5

Click "OK" to insert the hyperlink.

Step 6

Test your hyperlink. Run the slideshow on your own computer to see if it works. Click on the link and make sure the presentation displays the correct web page.

Step 7

Save your PowerPoint presentation, and you're good to go.