How to Put a Password on Excel to Open it

By Angela M. Wheeland

Placing a password on your Excel spreadsheet protects the file from unwanted readers. Password protecting an Excel spreadsheet might be important to those spreadsheets that contain sensitive data and financial information. To password protect your Excel spreadsheet you must encrypt the file. Encrypting a file converts the spreadsheet's data to an unreadable format. Upon entering the spreadsheet's password, Excel converts the data to the original format and allows you to view all the data contained on the spreadsheet.

Step 1

Click the Windows orb and click "All Programs."

Step 2

Click the "Microsoft Office" folder and click "Microsoft Office Excel 2010."

Step 3

Click the "File" tab in the upper left and click "Open." Navigate to the location of the file you want to encrypt. Click the file and click the "Open" button.

Step 4

Click the "File" tab and click "Info."

Step 5

Click "Protect Workbook" and click "Encrypt with Password." Enter a password and click "OK." The encryption is active immediately.