How to Put Apps on Your iPhone

By Jenna Foote

The App Store has more than 350,000 applications or "apps" designed for Apple products such as the iPod touch and the iPhone. It seems like there is an app for just about anything -- locating a good restaurant, buying movie tickets, booking travel or counting calories, just to name a few. Using the touchscreen feature, downloading apps to your iPhone is as easy as tapping your finger. You can also download apps through iTunes and transfer them to your iPhone later.


Step 1

Ensure your iPhone is connected to the Internet. Tap on the blue App Store icon to open the App Store and browse through the available apps.

Step 2

Tap the price of the app you would like to download. Tap the "Buy Now" button.

Step 3

Input your Apple ID and password if requested. Tap "OK." The app icon will display on your home screen.


Step 1

Open iTunes and access the iTunes Store.

Step 2

Choose "App Store" from the menu at the top of the screen. Select iPhone.

Step 3

Browse through the apps and click on the one you would like to download. Click the "Buy App" button beneath the app icon.

Step 4

Input your Apple ID and password if requested and click "Buy." The app will download to your iTunes library.

Step 5

Connect your iPhone to your computer via its connection cable. Select the device from the column on the left. Click the Apps tab and select, "Sync Apps."

Step 6

Select which apps you wish to transfer to your iPhone. Click "Sync" when you are ready to begin the transfer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not disconnect your iPhone from your computer until the sync is complete.