How to put color back in a black and white picture in Photoshop

By Valerie Clark

Black-and-white photographs and artwork are growing in popularity as a way to add uniqueness and drama to a layout. But sometimes an even more interesting option is to turn a photo black and white, then add a splash of color back into it. It's a simple process in Photoshop that just about anybody with any knowledge of the program can do.

Step 1

Open up your layers window under "Window" at the top of your screen. You'll see a small circle at the bottom of the window, shaded half black and half white. Click on it, and select "Hue/Saturation" from the menu that comes up.

Step 2

Move the "Saturation" slider, located in the middle, all the way to the left. This will take all the color out of your picture. Click "OK."

Step 3

Select the paintbrush tool from your toolbar. You can change the size and softness of this tool in options on the horizontal navigator at the top of your screen.

Step 4

Look at the bottom of your toolbar, where there's a black box and a white box. Make sure the box on top is black and the one on the bottom is white.

Step 5

Start painting over the item you want to return to color with the paintbrush tool. For smaller, more defined areas, shrink the size of your paintbrush head.