How to Put HTML Code in an Email

Sending email in HTML format is popular for personal notes, as well as profitable for business communications, because it's a much more attractive and engaging form of communication. With HTML email, you can present images, design elements and graphics, control layout and make links clickable. As a business, it's also much easier to track specific email metrics like how many readers opened and read the email, how many clicked on specific links and so on.

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Though most modern email applications can send or receive HTML email these days, it's impossible to include instructions for all of them at once, so we'll concentrate on one of the most popular email applications in use today: Microsoft Outlook.


With Microsoft Outlook open, click the "Tools" drop-down menu at the top of the window, then select "Options."


A tabbed window appears. Click the tab marked "Mail Format." You'll see a drop-down menu labeled "Message Format." Select "HTML" from that list, then click "OK."


Open a "Compose New Message" screen and you now have a new toolbar with HTML formatting buttons. The email composure screen also has new drop-down menus at the top labeled "Format" and "Insert." Using the combination of these drop-down menus, the toolbar buttons and any HTML code you may already know, you can start putting regular HTML code into all of the emails you write.