How to Put in a Confidentiality Notice on E-Mails

By Shawn Farner

An email confidentiality notice is most often added to the email signatures of employees at large companies. This notice instructs the recipient of any sent emails to keep the message private and also asks the user to delete the email if they received it by mistake. You can place a confidentiality notice at the end of your emails in any email application you are using.

Step 1

Access the "Signature" options for your email application. You may need to take a look at your email client's help file to learn where to find this option. For those using Outlook, you'll click "Tools" from the top menu bar, select "Options," then click "Signatures" on the "Mail Format" tab. Gmail users can click the "Settings" link and scroll down to the "Signatures" box.

Step 2

Compose a confidentiality notice in the signatures box. If you can't come up with one on your own, you can use one of the examples from or Spudart.

Step 3

Click either "OK" (Outlook) or "Save" (Gmail) to save the signature.

Step 4

Create a new email message. The signature you created will now show up automatically at the bottom of your email.