How to Put Jabra Bluetooth in Discovery Mode

By Christopher Kennedy

If you just bought your Jabra Bluetooth device or need to switch it over to a new phone, you need to put it in discovery mode so that the device you are trying to connect it to can pair with it. It is necessary for you to put your Bluetooth in discovery mode for it to be recognized by the other device you are attempting to pair it with.

Things You'll Need

  • Jabra Bluetooth headset
  • Phone or other Bluetooth enabled device

Setting your Jabra Bluetooth headset to Discovery Mode

Step 1

Ensure your Jabra Bluetooth headset has an ample amount of charge to complete the pairing process.

Step 2

Power down your Jabra Bluetooth headset if it is on. You can put your device in discovery mode if it is already on, but to ensure it doesn't accidentally carry out another function, it is best to start from a powered-down state.

Step 3

Hold the power button on your Jabra Bluetooth device and continue holding it even after it powers on and the indicator light goes steady.

Step 4

Pair the the Jabra Bluetooth headset to your other Bluetooth-enabled device while in this state.

Tips & Warnings

  • Discovery mode usually only lasts for a moment. If no pairing is completed in this time, the headset will go back to its standby state and will need to be put back into discovery mode to finish the pairing process.
  • If the device you are trying to pair it to asks for an unlock code, the default password from the manufacturer is 0000. If this does not work, the default password may be different or may have been changed. Consult your instruction manual for further instructions.

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