How to Put Music on an iPhone Without iTunes

By Adrian Grahams

You can access and listen to music on your Apple iPhone with the pre-installed iPod application. This synchronizes with the Apple iTunes software on your personal computer to transfer any new tracks to the music library on the iPhone. If you don't have access to Apple iTunes on your personal computer but want to add a song to the iPhone, then you can download tracks directly to your device.

Step 1

Switch on the Apple iPhone. Tap the pre-installed "iTunes" app. Wait for the app to load.

Step 2

Find the track you want to download. You can search for the track by tapping the "Search" icon on the bottom menu or choose from songs under "New Releases," "Top Tens" or "Genres" in the top menu.

Step 3

Tap the price button beside the song that you want to add to the iPhone. When the button display changes to "Buy Now," tap it again.

Step 4

Enter your Apple ID password into the dialog box in the pop-up window. This is the same password used to download tracks from iTunes on your personal computer. Click "OK."

Step 5

Wait for the track to download to the iPhone.

Step 6

Play the track from the iPod app, available from the home screen of the iPhone. Tap "Playlists" from the iPod app menu and then tap "Recently Added" to find the new track quickly.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Apple iTunes software on your personal computer will add the new track to its music library on your computer when you next synchronize the iPhone with iTunes.