How to Put Music on an iPod Nano Without iTunes

By Mario Calhoun

The iTunes program is configured to work with the iPod Nano, as it is the default media player that manages your iPod Nano's contents. While it is not recommended to use iTunes alternatives, as they cannot provide your iPod Nano with firmware updates, they can be used to simply transfer music and other media from your computer to your iPod Nano. As with any software, be sure to scan the program for viruses prior to installing it on your computer.

Step 1

Use CopyTrans Manager. CopyTrans Manager is a free media manager that is only available for PCs. Install and run the program, and connect your iPod Nano to the computer using the iPod's FireWire or USB cable. Drag and drop the songs from your Music folder to CopyTrans Manager. The program will automatically transfer the songs to your iPod Nano.

Step 2

Use Songbird. Songbird is a media manager that requires a plug-in that makes it compatible with iPods. Download the Songbird program and the plug-in, and run the program. Connect your iPod Nano to your computer via USB cable, and click the iPod tab in the Songbird sidebar. Click the "Music" tab, and check "Sync" and "All Music, Videos and Playlists." Click the "Save" button to begin the transfer.

Step 3

Use Xilisoft iPod Rip. As a PC and Macintosh media manager, Xilisoft iPod Rip provides media syncing from your computer to your iPod, as well as iPod to iTunes or computer. Download and install the program, and run the program after connecting your iPod Nano to your computer. Click the "Audio" tab in the sidebar, and click the arrow next to the "Computer to iPod" button and click "Add Files to List." Double-click the songs to begin the transfer.