How to Put My DVD Collection Into iTunes

By Bailey Richert

ITunes is a popular Apple music and video software product that allows a user to play digital files from his computer's hard drive. Turning physical DVDs into a digital format that can be played by iTunes is known as "ripping a DVD." Through this process, users can enjoy the convenience of viewing their films nearly anywhere. After ripping a DVD to a hard drive, the files must first be imported to the iTunes library before they can be accessed by the iTunes player.

Step 1

Download DVD-ripping software that will allow you to save your movie files in MPEG-4 format (see Resources). This is the only movie file type that iTunes supports. Excellent programs include HandBrake or DVDFab Decrypter.

Step 2

Insert your DVD into your computer's DVD drive. Open your ripping software.

Step 3

Select "Import," and double-click the DVD. The program will perform an initial scan of the DVD. A ripping screen will then appear. Select "MPEG-4" as your desired file under "Format." Select "Universal" under the "Presets" menu on the ripping screen if using the HandBrake program. Write the folder name under "Destination" where you would like your new movie file to be saved. Use the "Browse" button to select a destination from the navigation window that appears.

Step 4

Click "Start" or "Go" to begin ripping your DVD to your computer's hard drive. Your MPEG-4 file will automatically be saved to the destination you indicated in step 3. Close your DVD-ripping program.

Step 5

Open iTunes, and select the "Movies" option from the left-hand side panel. Open the window on your hard drive that contains your movie file. Select your movie file, and move it with your mouse into iTunes. ITunes will automatically import the file and add it to your iTunes library. Play your movie by double-clicking the file icon in the iTunes movie list.