How to Put My Signature on My Text Messages

By Andrew Smith

The text messaging service found on a cellphone is similar to email service in several ways. Both, for example, allow users to add a signature to each outgoing message. When you add a signature to your text message, the wording you choose appears at the bottom of each message sent. This is especially convenient if you use text messaging to communicate with work contacts or other people who are not your close friends, as the signature will make it immediately clear who sent the message.

Step 1

Press the "Main Menu" button or icon on the phone. A list of different phone options appears.

Step 2

Choose the "Messaging," "Text" or "Text Messaging" option.

Step 3

Press the "Settings" or "Text Settings" key.

Step 4

Use one of the phone's arrow buttons to highlight the "All Msg" or "All Msgs" option. Press "OK" or "Enter." Skip this step if no option exists.

Step 5

Choose the "Signature" option on the screen. Press "OK" or "Enter." Then, highlight "Custom" or "On" and press "OK" or "Enter." A blank text box appears on the phone screen.

Step 6

Enter the signature you want associated with your text messages. There is a character limit for the signature, and that limit appears beneath or above the text box. The number decreases with every character or space you enter.

Step 7

Press the "Save" option. The signature is saved in the phone's memory.

Tips & Warnings

  • Not all cellphones allow signatures with text messaging.

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