How to Put on a Bluetooth Properly

By Kathryn Hatter

Cell phone users who desire hands-free phone use are turning to Bluetooth headsets with greater frequency. When you wear a Bluetooth headset over one of your ears, you can both hear and speak into your cell phone without holding your phone in your hand. This ease and convenience not only appeals to many people but also is becoming a requirement in many states, as more states have passed cell phone use laws requiring hands to be free while driving. Put on a Bluetooth headset carefully to ensure it works properly and it is comfortable.

Step 1

Decide whether you prefer to wear the headset on your right ear or your left ear. Most headsets arrive ready to wear on your right ear; however, you can easily change the ear loop for left ear wear.

Step 2

Open out the loop that hooks around your ear. If you want to change the ear loop for your left ear, consult the owner’s manual to ensure you rotate the ear loop properly without damaging your Bluetooth headset. Most designs require you to remove the ear loop from the hinge, flip it over and click it back into position.

Step 3

Hook the ear loop over your left or right ear, making sure you position the ear bud portion of the headset squarely over the opening of your ear.

Step 4

Press the Bluetooth headset down onto your ear, with the ear bud centered snugly over your ear.

Step 5

Adjust the “boom” of the headset if necessary. The boom is the portion that extends down from your ear over your jawbone. The boom contains the microphone. Pull the boom so it angles toward your mouth.

Step 6

Test the headset to make sure you can hear and be heard during a phone call by making a test call with your cell phone.