How to Put Pictures on a Computer From a Digital Camera

By C. Taylor

Microsoft's Windows 7 endeavors to ease the learning curve when working with computers by automating many common tasks. An example of this automation is downloading pictures from a camera. With just a few quick clicks, you can transfer your pictures and videos to your Windows 7 computer. Once your pictures are on your computer, you are free to manipulate them with your favorite photo-editing program, send them via email or burn them to disc.

Step 1

Plug the smaller end of your camera's USB cable into your camera, according to your camera's instruction.

Step 2

Turn on your computer.

Step 3

Plug the other end of the camera cable, which has a small, rectangular USB connector, into an available USB port on the computer. Your computer should automatically recognize the device and open an "Autoplay" dialog box.

Step 4

Select "Import pictures and videos using Windows" from the list of options. If you do not see the "Autoplay" window, open Windows Explorer by pressing the "Windows" key and "E" simultaneously. Right-click the drive letter corresponding to your camera and select "Import pictures and videos."

Step 5

Choose an optional tag for the pictures, and click "Import." Your photos are copied to your computer's "Pictures" library using a folder name generated by the date of transfer and any inputted tag. The "Pictures" library is located in the top-right of Windows Explorer, under "Libraries."