How to Put Videos on an iPod Classic

By Amanda Kondolojy

The Classic model of the iPod family may have an old-school inspired name, but it is much more advanced than its fashionable predecessors. One of the biggest features that sets it apart from previous models is its video playback capability. Although you may have used a previous iPod just for music, the new Classic model allows you to download movies and videos.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital copy video files
  • Videos purchased from the iTunes store
  • Digital personal videos
  • Video podcasts

Step 1

Locate videos. There are four main places where you can find legal videos intended for iPod use. The iTunes store (where videos can be directly downloaded) and video podcasts are certainly the most popular, but digital copies from DVDs as well as personal digital videos can also be put on the device.

Step 2

Import your videos into iTunes. If you have downloaded the videos from iTunes or have downloaded a video podcast from the service, this step has been done for you (as well as step 3), and you can proceed to step 4. However, if you are trying to put digital copies, or personal videos on the iPod, put all of the videos in a central folder on the desktop. Go to iTunes and select the "Add file to iTunes" to import the contents of your folder to the iTunes program.

Step 3

Convert non-iTunes files. iPods only work with MPEG-4 videos, so if you are uploading videos of other formats, such as AVI or WMV, they will need to be converted with the iTunes program. Highlight the videos you need to convert and right-click to pull up a sub-menu. Select "convert" to begin the process. Alternately, you can drag the files into the iTunes conversion queue, which is on the right side of the program. You will see a notice when your files are finished converting.

Step 4

Sync your iPod. When your new video files are ready, simply plug your iPod Classic into a USB port and then drag the video files you wish to put on your device over the iPod icon. The icon will then change to "syncing" status. Wait a few minutes while the videos are transferred. Once the icon has changed back to normal, simply press the eject button and unplug your iPod.

Tips & Warnings

  • The current generation of iPod Classic has 120 GB of onboard storage, which is enough for 150 hours of video.
  • Although it may seem lucrative (not to mention easy) to put pirated movies on your iPod, doing so is highly illegal and can cause major damage to your iPod and your computer if there is any type of spyware or adware attached to the video files.

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