How to Put Videos on Microsoft PowerPoint

By Kefa Olang

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are great for conveying information whether in class, at a conference or in the office. You can enhance presentations by adding videos. Because videos are visually interactive, they help make stronger points in your presentations and allow your audience to understand your message a little better. They also take away from the dullness of plain text. Insert your key video into your PowerPoint presentation with little effort.

Step 1

Launch Microsoft PowerPoint and open your presentation.

Step 2

Click the "Insert" tab on the ribbon location on the top, and then click the "Movie" button. Select "Movie from file." This launches the "Insert Movie control panel."

Step 3

Select the movie/video you want to add to your presentation from the location you saved it in and click "OK." When prompted, select "Automatically" if you want your video to start automatically, or click the "When clicked" button if you want to start your video manually.