How to Put Word in Correction Mode

By Aaron Wein

Microsoft Word, a word processing and document creation program, has several tools to help you smooth out your grammar and spelling. One of those tools is called "Autocorrect," which changes common misspellings automatically, such as "teh" to "the." This correction mode relies on a built-in database of frequently mistyped words. Turning this feature on can help speed up proofing as the program edits your text while you type.

Step 1

Select "File."

Step 2

Choose "Options." A new window opens.

Step 3

Choose "Proofing" in the left pane.

Step 4

Select "AutoCorrect" options.

Step 5

Choose the "AutoCorrect" tab.

Step 6

Place a check in the box next to each AutoCorrect option you want to enable. Be sure to check "Replace text as you type."

Step 7

Click "OK."