How to Reactivate a GoPhone

By Jacqueline Daniels

GoPhones are prepaid AT&T cell phones. If these phones are not reloaded with a service card prior to the service end date, they are deactivated. If reloaded within 60 days of the service end date, the process is as simple as purchasing a service card and calling customer service to reactivate. If more than 60 days have elapsed, there are a few additional steps involved.

Things You'll Need

  • New SIM card
  • Service card

Step 1

Purchase a new SIM card from any authorized AT&T dealer.

Step 2

Purchase a service card. Service cards are available in several dollar amounts.

Step 3

Call AT&T customer service at 800-331-0500 and request to speak with the prepaid department. The call must be made from a phone other than the one being reactivated. It will be necessary to provide the agent with the new SIM card information, as well as the service card number.

Step 4

Choose from the available prepaid plans. AT&T offers several service plans for GoPhones that range from flat rate calls to specified monthly minute plans.

Tips & Warnings

  • It may be possible, if requested, to have the same number previously associated with the phone reassigned if it is available.
  • New SIM cards typically cost more than the least expensive GoPhones, so it may be simpler and more cost effective to purchase a new phone if more than 60 days have passed.

References & Resources