How to Read a Computer Screen With Progressive Lenses

By TS Jordan

Progressive lenses provide a wide range of vision correction as opposed to the two or three focal points provided by traditional bifocals and trifocals. Reading your computer screen with progressive lenses can take some adaption, as you will have to keep your head properly aligned to maintain an optimal degree of vision adjustment, keeping the screen as sharp as possible.

Step 1

Sit in your desk chair in front of the computer a comfortable distance away from the screen (but so you can still reach the keyboard).

Step 2

Look directly at the screen through the center of your progressive lenses.

Step 3

Slowly tilt your head upward while keeping your eyes focused at the same point on the computer screen. Stop when the text on screen reaches its sharpest point. This is the angle at which you will want to continue looking to get the optimum use your progressive lenses.