How to Read a Mac CD on a PC

By Kefa Olang

Mac-formatted CDs cannot be read directly on a Windows system, because both systems employ separate techniques to read files. To view your Mac CD on a Windows system, you need a cross-platform program, such as MacDrive, that allows you to read and share files between both formats. If you need to share Mac files with Windows users, or do not have access to your Macintosh, this easy-to-use tool can be your saving grace.

Step 1

Download MacDrive (see link in Resources section below).

Step 2

Follow the setup and installation instructions to install it to your computer. Reboot your computer when prompted.

Step 3

Place your Mac CD into the CD-ROM drive on your computer. Launch MacDrive from your desktop, or the location where you saved, it if it does not automatically open.

Step 4

Click "Change MacDrive Settings," then click "Settings." Check the "Show Mac Files" button, then click "OK."

Step 5

Click "Explore Mac Discs," and the "My Computer" window will open. Double-click the CD-ROM with your Mac CD. You should see all the information on your disc.

References & Resources