How to Read a PNG File

By Anthony Smith

PNG image files were designed to be an improvement over GIF image files. They have gained in popularity both because the images employ loss-less data compression, and the format does not require a patent license. Because the files were introduced relatively recently (1996), users sometimes find themselves unable to read a PNG file.

Step 1

Open "My Computer" from the Windows Desktop.

Step 2

Locate the PNG file that you wish to open in the folders within "My Computer."

Step 3

Use your mouse to right-click on the file in question. A drop down menu will appear.

Step 4

Select "Open With" from the menu. Another drop down menu will now appear.

Step 5

Select "Microsoft Picture and Fax Viewer" from the list of programs on the menu. The PNG file will open and the image can be seen.

Tips & Warnings

  • For an extensive list of PNG supported software go to this website: