How to Read an SHS File

By Michael Carroll

Scrap (SHS) files are portions of Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel documents. A user can drag selected text and/or images from one of these programs to the desktop to store the selected information in a scrap file, like a newspaper clipping. Scrap files cannot be opened on their own, but they can only be added to another Word or Excel document to use the data in them. Due to security concerns, Microsoft removed the scrap file feature from Windows Vista and 7, but if you're using Microsoft Office in Windows XP, you can retrieve the contents of a scrap file.

Step 1

Drag the SHS file from its location in Windows Explorer to the desktop if it's not there already.

Step 2

Open a new document in Microsoft Word. Click the button to the left of the "X" in the upper right corner if the window is maximized, and drag the window to the side so you can see the SHS file on the desktop as well as the body of the Word document.

Step 3

Drag the SHS file from the desktop onto the Word document. The file's contents will appear in the Word document.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not attempt to use an SHS file if you don't know its origin. It may contain a virus.