How to Read My Kindle Book on Another Computer

By Spanner Spencer

Kindle is's proprietary electronic reading platform. It includes an online bookstore, digital magazine subscriptions, and access to other electronic reading material. You can read Kindle ebooks using the Kindle; on smartphones and tablet computers; or on a computer, using Kindle computer software. When you read a Kindle ebook, your bookmarks are synchronized with your account, allowing you to switch to a different computer or Kindle-equipped device and continue reading where you left off.

Step 1

Download and install the latest Kindle application onto the computer or device you want to read from. Follow the installation instructions detailed on the Kindle download page for your device type.

Step 2

Launch the Kindle application on the computer, and enter your account username and password at the prompt. This must be the same account used on the other Kindle-equipped computer.

Step 3

Click the "Register" button to continue. The Kindle software on the new computer will now be linked to your account alongside the previous computer.

Step 4

Click the "Archived Items" button at the top of the screen to view all the ebooks currently linked to your account.

Step 5

Select the ebook you want to continue reading on the new computer. The ebook will automatically open at the last page read.

Tips & Warnings

  • When you return to the previous Kindle-equipped computer, you can continue reading where you left off on the new computer.